Who are Belizeans and where did we come from?

The Video Unit of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture is proud to present its innovative new 13 episode TV Series "Simply Belize: A Cultural Diary". Designed to educate, entertain and inform, "Simply Belize: A Cultural Diary" is a half-hour TV show that highlights 13 ethnic and cultural groups that make up modern-day Belize with the underlying aim of promoting cultural understanding, tolerance and a sense of identity through respect for each others culture. Hosted by Curtis Gillett, and supported with research and interviews from a plethora of notable educators and researchers, "Simply Belize: A Cultural Diary" is a re-reading of 13 pages in our cultural diary to uncover little known historical facts and a journey of discovery to witness ancient rituals and traditions still in practice today.

Belize is not a typical Caribbean country nor is it a typical Central American country. It is a country of contrasts where its Mestizos play the African marimba and Creoles consider tamales and panades a staple of their diet. Are all Belizeans Black as their Central American neighbors expect? Or are they all Hispanic as their Caribbean counterparts suspect? Who are Belizeans and where did they come from? "Simply Belize: A Cultural Diary" offers 13 answers to this often-asked question.

The Simply Belize TV series is accompanied by the Simply Belize website www.simplybelize.org that is intended to provide more in-depth information on each culture for high-school and university students as well as independent researchers interested in Belizean culture. Apart from the information presented on the show, this site is equipped with additional text and images, unpublished lectures and bibliographies compiled by the Archives Dept., University of Belize and the National Library Service.

The Simply Belize project was started under The Ministry of Rural Development and Culture and continues today with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and sponsors from the private sector. The realization of this first episode underscores Government’s commitment to document and promote local art, culture and wisdom.

The first episode of "Simply Belize: A Cultural Diary" premiered Tuesday, January 29th at 8:00 p.m. on Channels 5, 7, 9 and 11 as well as district cable stations around Belize. Each airing is repeated the following Sunday at 7:30 p.m. on all participating stations. Airing dates for the other episodes still in production will be announced later.

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